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Wednesday Links: Inspired Losing Edition

Blues News

  • I'm not in a panic mode. Nowhere close. It's just that watching the Blues lose to the worst team in hockey really sucks. They'll bounce back. He's the recap of last night's game that the Blues clearly wanted to lose. [P-D]
  • David Perron is on fire. His dish to Backes last night was slick. [BND]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores. [Toronto Sun]
  • The Red Wings have won 21 straight home games, a new NHL record. Don't give a shit (but seriously, that's impressive). [ABC]
  • It's not just the Blues using defense to take over hockey games. It's a trend seen across the NHL's top teams. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Johnny Boychuck has been extended in Boston. [NHL]
  • Hilary Duff's husband has retired from hockey. [Vancouver Sun]
  • The game of hockey is exciting, but the breakneck speed of this era is leading to more injuries. Dan Bylsma would like to go to the "Options" menu and enable two-line passes once again. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Lincoln Stars and Omaha Lancers will play at the new TD Ameritrade Ballpark in the first outdoor USHL game. As a huge Stars fan, I'm going. If you're not a Stars fan, well... David Backes played for them. There. Now you're a fan. [USHL]

Wednesday Video

We need to drink this pain away, but fuck bars. Everybody bring a 30-pack over to my place.

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