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Blues Have Brunch At Blackhawks, GDT

Expect a good, clean game today.
Expect a good, clean game today.

Can someone please pass the jelly?

Good morning! Hungover? Wondering how you got all those beads around your neck? Wondering how many photos of you there are on the Internet? Eh, don't worry, it's already time for Blues hockey. And it's not even lunch time.

Two days, two day games. That's what's on tap for both the Blues and Hawks at the United Center today. The Hawks won their second in a row yesterday in Columbus. It wasn't competitive, so I won't even mention the score. That's quite the streak for our Chicago friends who had lost nine in a row (including one overtime game) before these two victories. And both wins have come against NHL power houses: the New York Rangers and the Blue Jackets -- obviously one dangerous hockey team that it wouldn't be embarrassing at all to lose to.

Meanwhile the Blues are on a similar two-game streak with wins over the Islanders and the Wild in a combined score of 9-1. Even though the Blues played Saturday afternoon, they should be well rested. They allowed just 13 shutouts.

I would guess there will be no spinning of the Starting Goaltender Wheel of Uncertainty. Ken Hitchcock said the shutout goalie gets back to back starts. What he didn't say is that Jaroslav Halak is in no shape to start after having the flu. And while Ben Bishop is nice to have around when the light bulbs need changing, he's not starting the youngster against a division opponent the Blues need to keep as far behind them as possible. It was funny that Hitchcock said he now knew what it was like to coach in Nashville in talking to the towering Bishop. Darren Pang thought that was a reference to the height of the Nashville goaltenders. I think it was a shot at the diminutive Barry Trotz who would be taller if he had a neck.

The United Center is a tough place to play once again after all the bandwagon jumpers climbed aboard on the way to a Stanley Cup two seasons ago. Ask most fans in the lower bowl if they remember Steve Larmer or Michel Goulet and they'll probably guess that's the real names of Captain and Tenile. Kids, if you don't get that reference, ask your parents.

Promises to be a spirited game. No, it's not too early to start drinking. This is your game day thread. Comment like every dick joke is punch in the face to Patrick Kane.