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Afternoon Disappointment: Hawks Down Blues

Just like Jason Arnott, I too feel like I got hit in the dick. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Just like Jason Arnott, I too feel like I got hit in the dick. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

David Backes scored the game-winning goal on Sunday in a typical power-forward move. Camped out in front of the net, Backes took a centering pass and sent the puck into the back of the net with his big body. It was a goal I'm sure he'd love to repeat 30 times a season.

Unfortunately the goal went past Brian Elliott and not Corey Crawford. Backes' inadvertent own goal was the difference in Chicago's 3-1 win on Sunday. The Blues led for much of the game until the third period. Chicago finally put one past Brian Elliott early in the third and then late in the frame found Backes' skate for goal No. 2 and the win.

There's a lot of things that happened in this early-afternoon contest, so let's break things down with the St. Louis Game Time approved bullets.

  • This is yet another road loss for the Blues. While I don't the Blues played poorly, like they did against Columbus, it's discouraging to see another loss away from the Scottrade Center. As good as the Blues are at home, things are almost as bad on the road. The bounces that go the right way in the barn in St. Louis don't happen on the road. I don't know how to fix this, but the Blues have to do something.
  • I didn't see a lot of first guessing giving Brian Elliott a start on back-to-back days, but I'll say this: it was the right call. Elliott, once again, played well. He played well enough to win and made some nice saves. The Keith goal happens and there was literally nothing he could do on the Backes own goal.
  • The Blues don't give up third period goals. Today? Three. Unacceptable. Don't play the back-to-back card, Chicago played yesterday, too.
  • Chippy play at the end of losses needs to stop. Minnesota pulled that shit yesterday and the Blues got all up in arms. Can't have it both ways, boys.
  • One goal? One god damn goal? After nine in two games, that was disappointing to see.
  • In positive news, how awesome is it to have Andy McDonald back? He was the best player on the ice today. He made things happen on almost every shift. He's so good he makes Jamie Langenbrunner and Patrik Berglund look good.
  • I don't have video of it, but Brad Lee thinks that McDonald's goal wasn't his and that a Blackhawks player put it in. I disagree, but Brad told me to put that in the recap.

That's all I have for today. Share your thoughts in the comments. Remember, don't feed the trolls.