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Thursday Links: Get Yo Stank Off My Couch Edition

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We know, Chris Porter... we know.
We know, Chris Porter... we know.

One more day, guys. We can do this. Together.

Blues News

  • His name is David Backes... but you already knew that. [P-D]
  • In the Central Division, you're going to want to win out. Finish lower than 1st and you could end up playing an extremely tough division rival in the quarterfinals. [USA Today]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores from last night. [Boston Herald]
  • What's not mentioned in those game recaps is how the clock managed to stop for 1.5 seconds to allow Drew Doughty to put away the poopy BJs. Is it a c-o-n... spiracy? [Puck Daddy]
  • Eric Boulton of the Devils and the BJs Jared Boll were both fined $2,500 for infractions they committed Tuesday night and not for just outright sucking. [Sporting News]
  • A playoff loser from Milwaukee hooked up with a bunch of playoff losers in San Jose yesterday. [NHL]
  • Broad Street isn't a very scary place to be anymore. The Flyers have only won about half of their home contests. [ Sports]
  • Don't fuck with Evgeni Malkin. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Shanny admits to being fallible as the NHL's "Sheriff," but when it comes to suspensions like Ovechkin's, he stands tall. [Globe and Mail]
  • Here are the pending UFAs that will more than likely be shopped around for the next month. [NHL]

Other Stuff

  • Silly man! You can't pay your cell phone bill with kittens! [Imgur]
  • Some rad scientists have converted human brainwaves into speech. [BBC]
  • Legit story. [Tumblr]

Thursday Video

With a pen and the railing on his porch, this dude just killed most rappers out in the game today.

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