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Tuesday Links: Fat Tuesday Edition

Aw man remember when this happened against Boston 2 years ago?!
Aw man remember when this happened against Boston 2 years ago?!

Blues News

  • For lent, I think the Blues should give up losing on the road. [BND]
  • This guy thinks the Blues can relax. Uh, I disagree. They need to keep winning and try to get that #1 seed. A #4 seed will likely put them against Nashville and we all know how well that'll turn out. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • You know, because the Blues can't beat teams within their own division. Thankfully, Boston rolls into Scottrade tomorrow night. At home against the East? That should be a win (or an OT loss, at the very least). [The Hockey Writers]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores from last night. A pair of blowouts. [SBN]
  • Pluses and minuses from around the league. [LA Times]
  • Pavel Kubina and Nicklas Grossman have been acquired by the Flyers, bulking up their D to try and help their struggling goaltending. [The DSS]
  • Rick Nash was greeted with chants of "We don't want you" as Rangers trade rumors swirl. Also, the suits in Nashville got contract extensions. [Toronto Sun]
  • The Coyotes are living the same script that they've written the past few seasons. After a slumptacular first half, they are turning it on down the stretch once again. [Arizona Daily Star]
  • You know who doesn't lose on the road? The Canucks. [Vancouver Sun]
  • What little fans watch the Dallas Stars are starting to leave as the trade deadline approaches. [Defending Big D]

Tuesday Video

Yeah. Karate rapping.

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