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Boo The Boston Bruins At St. Louis Blues GDT

I used to not have a problem with teams from Boston.

The Red Sox are in the American League and were never a thread to win the World Series. The Patriots were perpetually mediocre. The Celtics were kind of cool with the HIck From French Lick. You see, I wasn't born when Noel Picard made Bobby Orr fly after No. 4 won the Stanley Cup with an overtime, game-winning goal. If I was around then, that would have started it for me.

No, the Super Bowl after the 2001 season really got it started when the Pats pulled off one of the biggest upsets in Super Bowl History thanks to Mike Martz not running the ball enough. Sigh. That win for New England propelled them to a mini-dynasty. Only the New York Giants prevented them from being the Team of the Millennium already (and I dislike New York teams even more).

In 2004 the Cardinals were the best team in baseball. And thanks to the asinine rule at the time that even-year Series had the the home field advantage in American League parks and that they had less than 48 hours to prepare after winning the NLCS in seven games, the Cardinals got embarrassed by the Red Sox.

The Celtics had to go out and get Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett to complement Paul Pierce, noted KU alum. Damn him. They suddenly became the "It" team in basketball. And now the Bruins are winning the Stanley Cup Again. It's made some of the loud mouth Boston fans into a whole generation of Massholes.

Note: This does not apply to all Boston fans, especially those who move to St. Louis and go to Blues games on a regular basis. Which is more common than you'd expect.

The Starting Goaltender Wheel of Uncertainty has stopped on Brian Elliott with Jaroslav Halak getting the next game in Nashville. The Bruins are going to want to get redemption after losing to Minnesota Sunday 2-0. Yes, the same team the Blues shutout on Saturday and allowed just 13 shots to the entire game -- they had 14 in the second period alone against the Bruins.

Rumor has it the Blues fell apart in the third period at Chicago Sunday. But you know how much misinformation there is on the Internet these days.

This is your game day thread. Comment like the Blues played the first two periods Sunday: confident and pithy. If you can play pithy.