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Wednesday Links: Hensick, I Choose You Edition

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I had this really strange dream where the Blues traded Ben Bishop, Chris Stewart and a 2nd-rounder to Tampa Bay for Steven Stamkos. "How do I know I'm dreaming?" That.

Blues News

  • Langs has a broken foot and will miss at least a month. [P-D]
  • T.J. Hensick has been called up to replace him. [Pekin Times]
  • Bishop is back with the Baby Blues. [PJS]
  • With the Bruins in town tonight, of course we're going to talk about how the Blues are like them. Both of these teams struggle in areas, but they don't let it all get to them. [P-D]
  • After last year's season-long "sell out" streak, the attendance numbers are a tad down this season with a winning team. I'd like to remind this guy that a lot of the "sell outs" last season were not really "sell outs." [Yahoo! Sports]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores. The Red Wings finally lost, but it was on the road. The home winning streak continues, but the Blues can play a little catch-up tonight with their loss. [SBN]
  • Pavel Datsyuk will be out the next two weeks following a knee surgery yesterday. [Toronto Sun]
  • Grit is on the menu this trade deadline. [Globe and Mail]
  • A big trade yesterday sent Kyle Quincey to the Lightning, who then was flipped to Detroit for a first-rounder. Steve Downie went to the Avs. Did the Avs hose themselves again or is this a good trade? [SBN Denver]
  • The NHLPA player poll results are in. The Blues were voted the most underrated, while the Canucks went over. [The Guardian]
  • Boston is a physical team and they feel that it has been stifled by the league's officiating. [NESN]
  • Cheesy 90s hockey posters, but with current players! [Puck Daddy]

Wednesday Video

Just an ordinary Pokemon battle.

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