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Blues Say Goodbye To St. Louis, Hello To Six-Game Road Trip

The Blues are going to get to know each other really well the next 11 days and almost 9,000 miles in the air together.
The Blues are going to get to know each other really well the next 11 days and almost 9,000 miles in the air together.

Well losing 4-2 to the Boston Bruins on Wednesday night was probably not the best way to bid St. Louis farewell until March 6, but that's what the Blues did last night. But don't despair, the season did not burn on Ash Wednesday (religious puns are the best). But from here on out, I think the level of difficulty gets ratcheted up.

Beginning tonight in Nashville the Blues embark on a six-game road trip that will take them to some of the wonders of the Western World. Consider this travel itinerary and all the fun things you could do if you were following the Blues around North America:

  • Tonight, they play down the street from the Grand Ole Opry. If you visit, they might even let you try on Minnie Pearl's hat. I would not eat at Dave & Busters for dinner. Especially if you're a retired NFL quarterback.
  • While in Winnipeg on Saturday, the Blues can visit "Hooks and Eyes: Craft tool and how they work," an exhibition that explores tools used to make crafts. Did you know crochet may only be 200 years old?
  • Monday the Blues are in Calgary. And it's just in time to catch the last week of the exhibit "The Social History of Tea." Rumor has it, a mishap at this event when the Red Wings were in town led to Jimmy Howard's broken pinkie finger. The dangers of tea drinking.
  • Feb. 29, it's on to Edmonton for the Blues. It's Leap Day! That's all I've got.
  • The Blues head west to Vancouver on March 1. If you make the trip, you can go heliskiing. I'm not sure what heliskiing is, but I'm sure it's helicool.
  • And finally, the Blues go to San Jose on March 3. Drink. It's what the local do. That, and work on software. But mostly, the stomp grapes and drink. And wear teal.

The Blues still have a three-point lead on Nashville for fourth in the conference. They're still within striking distance of Detroit. At worst, they're comfortably in the middle of the playoff pack. A winning road trip would be nice (three of the six games are against non-playoff teams at the moment and only one is against the Blues' Kryptonite -- Central Division foes). We'll know a lot more about this team come March 4. The trade deadline will be in the rear view mirror, the Blues will hopefully have a few healthy forwards back and a nice 11-day road trip can really bring the team together.

Think about it. That's a lot of time for the Blues to hangout and get to know one another. They will have 8,298 miles and several comfy plane rides, hotel stays and team dinners between now and early March. This team will either be tight or ready to tear teammates limb from limb.

Any other travel suggestions for the Blues on their trip from Nashville to San Jose with stops in between? Let us know down below. Bet you can't top history of craft tools. One would think crocheting was invented centuries ago.