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Blues At Winnipeg Atlanta Jets Thrashers Whatever GDT

Vegas has taken off the board odds these gentlemen are drunk.
Vegas has taken off the board odds these gentlemen are drunk.

Even though their uniforms have a cool jet logo that resembles an F/A-18 made here in St. Louis (technically, the Canadian Forces flies CF-18s), make no mistake, the Blues are playing the Atlanta Thrashers today.

Oh sure, the game is in Manitoba in the largest city with the coldest temperature in North America. And they'll call them the Jets, but these are the Thrashers that were perennial disappointments making the playoffs just once in team history, that one season they traded for Keith Tkachuk. That's why it's easy to say that the Jets are not a terribly good team despite leading the Southeastern Division (the only thing Winnipeg is Southeast of is Alaska and the Yukon Territories).

Because the rest of the division is a bunch of screw-ups, the Jets' 67 points are good enough for first place. Their record of 30-26-7 illustrates that they're a mediocre team. They've allowed more goals than they've scored this year. Take away four shootout wins and they've won as many games as they've lost in regulation.

Don't know the starting goaltender for St. Louis. The way Halak played Thursday in Nashville, I'd say he gets the nod, but you never know. I think Chris Mason is still with the Jets. Oh sure, they sold their season tickets and single game tickets in a matter of minutes and those crazy Canadians (not to be fused with the Canadiens) love their hockey, but the way the league has allowed the Phoenix situation to flounder and how quickly the sale of the Thrashers to Winnipeg investors was made, I don't approve of how it went down. Period. So good for Winnipeg. I hope your team doesn't make the playoffs. To be fair, I only want one team in the playoffs, so don't feel special, Peggers.

This is your game day thread. Comment like every joke will remind us how much we don't want to live in Winnipeg.