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St. Louis Blues At Calgary Flames GDT

Welcome to the New World, a world radically transformed by the NHL trade deadline this afternoon. This is our first opportunity to see the Blues on the ice with all of the acquisitions they made today. Can't wait to see how the changes really affect the product on the ice. I bet they really respond with a good effort tonight. Note: The Blues did not actually make any trades today.

But the Flames, wow. How they dangled Jarome Iginla out there all year and then didn't move him, that was really sweeping. Yep, change in the air tonight.

What a waste of time today. What we learned today and one year ago at last season's deadline is that the salary cap does not like deadline deals. It kills them. And then it eats their children. What survives is Nashville trading a first-rounder for a faceoff specialist and someone acquiring the cadaver of Brian Rolston when everyone knows he died on the ice two years ago. Well, at least his career did.

No, old Ron Caron would be grumpy today. Almost glad he's not here to see what has happened to what obviously ranked among his favorite days of the year.

So two road games, two shootout wins. Don't care, need the two points. The Calgary Flames are on the borderline for postseason play. They really need the two points. Can't have them. Sorry, cowboy. We'll see you further on down the trail.

For the record, that's a game preview that didn't actually preview any matchup, player or game situation. I'd call that a success.

This is your game day thread. Comment like you don't want to be traded.