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The Rest Of The Schedule Is Not Kind For The Blues

This photo has nothing to do with this story.
This photo has nothing to do with this story.

While the Blues played half their schedule weeks ago, the time after the All-Star Break is usually considered the second half of the season. With the Blues fighting for the top spot in the Central Division as well as the Western Conference, you'd hope it would be an easy stretch run. Nope.

There are 33 games left on the schedule including tonight. Of those, 13 are at home, 12 after tonight. Six times from now to the end of the season the Blues play on consecutive nights. Of those six times, only once do they not travel for the second game in two nights. I'm tired just thinking about that.

The rest is going to be short. There are 66 days left in the Blues' season with games on 33 of them. If I pull out my slide rule...that comes out to a game every other day from here until April 8. With more than half of the games on the road, I'd say the remaining schedule is difficult. Plus, they go out West twice, play Chicago four times, have multiple games against Vancouver and San Jose and I'm about ready for a cold one.

There's some talk around here that I jinx the Blues by making statements. Predictions, if you will. That's fine. I will tempt fate's cold revenge. I think the best the Blues will finish is fourth in the conference with a real possibility for fifth. That's a huge difference with fourth hosting a first round playoff round.

Considering the Blues are in a three-way race for the division, the Blues could be at Detroit or Chicago in the first round ...or host the Wings or Hawks. Right here, I'm planting my flag saying the Blues will host the Hawks in the first round.

Feel free to make a joke about my level of hockey knowledge down below.

Oh. And welcome back to Game Time after nine days off for the Blues. It started feeling like August around here.