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L.A. Kobe Wannabes At St. Louis Blues GDT

Do real men wear purple? Ok. Purple and silver at the same time?
Do real men wear purple? Ok. Purple and silver at the same time?

I'm at a loss for what to talk about tonight. The last time the Blues were on the ice the Penguins were in town and I think George Bush was still president. The first one.

In that game way back in January, the Blues got behind, forced an incredibly entertaining overtime, sent it to an extra round of the shootout and then didn't get the extra point from the skills competition. That's ancient news, man.Sidney Crosby was revealed to have a broken neck and it's already healed in that time frame. The Bluesmascot was allowed to cross international borders AND return with the consent of the border patrol.How would you like to travel with a giant bear suit? You can't use carry on for the head because itwouldn't fit in two overhead bins much less one. And the guys who rifle through your luggage after you check it, well they all had to try it on at least once. Bet they also took turns farting in it. That might smell better than sweaty dude covered in blue fur musk usually in it.

That last game was a long time ago. You want to read my crap about that? The only interesting thingthat carries over was Patrik Berglund decided to emerge from his groundhog hole, not get scared of his shadow for one night and almost single handedly won the game. Odds are he sees his shadow tonight. But if he doesn't shit the bed and has another good game, maybe the team can add some highlights to an Internet video clip that Doug Armstrong can forward around to other general managers across the league. Maybe Armstrong (never going to call him Army) can build some buzz for a trade. And yes, I dothink one is coming. Regardless of the league approving a sale to Tom Stillman in March (as has beenrumored in real media outlets) that would be after the trade deadline, I think the Blues make one or twomoves minimum. It's in Armstrong's nature.

Hey, the Blues have a new No. 1 goaltender in Jaroslav Halak. Maybe his backup making the All-Star Game was just another bit of motivation to keep him playing hard. Whatever, just keep sipping that Jaro Water.

Oh, the Kings are in town tonight. They have a tool that stops time allowing them to score game-tying goals as the clock should expire. You'd think with those kinds of powers over time and space they'd be higher in the standings.

This is your game day thread. Comment like it has been nine days since you saw a real hockey game.