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Blues beat Kings: lame, late wrap up and rambling.

Usually when I'm going to miss the game, I'm smart enough to see if someone else on the GT team can do a wrap up. Tonight was not one of those nights. Instead, I saw literally one play (on my phone) and spent the post-selling papers and pre-watching the replay time down off Telegraph watching mice race for entertainment and running a pseudo-roulette wheel to raise money for my kid's softball team. What's that? Oh, yeah, she's pretty good. Thanks for asking. Also, me saying 'pretty good" is code for "she's better than I ever was, even when I made a baseball all-star team."

But you know, enough about that. Here are some bullet points anyway.

  • Jamie Langenbrunner will be an unstoppable force in mens' rec league one day. Don't get me wrong, he'll be playing in the best rec league in the town (I know Brentwood's is good and I hear Chesterfield has a good one, too, Langs) and will be going not nearly as hard as he is now, but he'll be awesome. All of which is to say that on the third/fourth line, he isn't going to see a lot of favorable matchups nor a lot of perfect passes, but tonight he got both and he fucking drilled a shot to the back of the net. No knock on Jonathan Quick on that one because Langenbrunner hit it so perfectly that I'm pretty sure it warped into a quarter-sized width piece of semi-melted rubber. No one could have stopped it.
  • The Royale Orleans, host of tonight's fundraiser mouse races, has very little about it that qualifies as "Royale".
  • Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. The Blues have games in hand on Detroit, Nashville and Chicago (and on Columbus, but who cares?) and is a reachable four points behind the Wings and ahead of all of the others. Someone tonight asked me what was most important for the Blues the rest of the way and all I said was, "points."
  • Speaking of Nashville, look for a giant 3 foot by 4 foot picture of Chris Hansen in the crowd tomorrow. Not to mention hundreds of Blues fans in the crowd. I love that Preds fans talk all kinds of Twitter trash about how lame that joke is and yet they still think the Jordin Tootoo train whistle is cool. I'll gladly trade anyone who goes to the game tomorrow one Game Time sticker for one Tootoo train whistle taken from a Preds fan.
  • Also: nice job talking trash about standings, Preds fan. We still have games in hand and are still ahead of you. Now what?
  • Weirdest advice about Mouse Races I received tonight: always take the outside lanes and never bet on a mouse named Oreo. Tonight, lanes one and two seemed to be hot and not one mouse was named Oreo. That's about 33% good advice.
  • Hoping to see Clarence tomorrow. I'll send your love, yo.
  • These badges are awesome and, while GT approved, not our doing. Still awesome:


See you dicks tomorrow for a game against a Pekka?