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Blues At Predators GDT: What're The Odds Of A One Goal Shootout WIN For Once?

God, this Nashville team... they've really got our number, no? I guess it's because their defense is a "force to be acknowledged," according to Sergei J. Feldman, reporter/possible accountant. I would consider them, along with Pekka Rinne and Anders Lindback, a force to be reckoned with. The defense and the goaltending is how Barry Trotz gets blood out of a turnip (water out of a stone? Whatever) every single season. The trick is keeping the defense together. Losing both Ryan Suter and Shea Weber in one off-season would be absolutely devastating.

Oh! Speaking of losing players, Jason Arnott's listed as day-to-day after his left shoulder got all bruised up last night. It's a shame, too, because we could use him tonight against the Predators -- he's fourth on the team with twelve goals (tied with Patrik Berglund), and as we all know, goals are at a premium right now.

The Preds have beaten the Blues three times this season; all three of the Blues' losses have been by a measly goal. The last two were 2-1 losses in the shootout that wasted stellar performances by Jaroslav Halak. I'm sure that if that happens again tonight, the mini-freak out we saw during #EpicDec will be but a faint whisper of what will happen tonight.

You're not the Cardinals, guys, but he's your Chris Carpenter. Get this guy some damned goal support.