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Wednesday Links: D'Agostini's Concussion Vlog Edition

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Blues News

  • Elliott returns to Ottawa as an opponent and stops 28 of 29 for a 3-1 win. David Perron woke up and scored twice. [NHL]
  • The injuries are starting to pile up. The latest: Matt D'Agostini takes a blow to the head. [P-D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores from last night. Chicago and Nashville both lost, the latter losing in the shootout. The Blues have games in hand on these teams, so that's great news. [Vancouver Sun]
  • The Devils beat the Rangers after Artem Anisimov's game-tying goal was waived off by officials due to goaltender interference. Did Anton Volchenkov shove Marian Gaborik into Brodeur? [Puck Daddy]
  • Owen Nolan retired yesterday. [ESPN]
  • Seattle relocation rumors are brewing. You know, like coffee. Oh man I'm clever. Fuck. [Montreal Gazette]
  • The Red Wings are without Jimmy Howard for a while and Conklin won't cut it. Should they look for help? [Sports Illustrated]
  • Lindy Ruff broke 3 ribs after Ville Leino crashed into him during a Sabres practice. He's day-to-day. [NHL]
  • The amount of sellers at the trade deadline is projected to be very low, thus driving up the cost of available players. [USA Today]

Other Stuff

  • BABY POLAR BEAR. Check your manliness at the door. [BuzzFeed]
  • The last surviving World War I veteran has passed away. [The Telegraph]
  • Sex myths you should stop believing. [Cracked]

Wednesday Video

I hate vloggers.

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