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St. Louis Blues Clinch Central Division Title

Time to celebrate.
Time to celebrate.

For the eighth time since debuting in 1967-68 season, the St. Louis Blues are a division champion.

The Blues, while in the midst of blowing a game to the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets, clinched the division title thanks to a regulation loss by the Predators 5-4 in Chicago. So those Blackhawks are good for something!

For a season that started without much promise as the team stumbled out of the gate, got its coach fired, seemingly found itself overnight and transformed into one of the most dangerous teams on a nightly basis, it's been one helluva ride.

Oh sure, it's bittersweet to win the division this way, but one night of losing to Columbus can't possibly overshadow the last four and a half months of tremendous hockey. No matter how they clinched, it's an accomplishment that will go down as one of the greatest seasons in team history.

From David Perron's return from a concussion to Brian Elliott's reversal of fortune, from David Backes putting his fingerprints on this team as his own to Alex Pietrangelo and Kevin Shattenkirk becoming two of the most promising defensemen in the league, there has been a lot to talk about and remember.

What will stick out in your memory for this season (TO THIS POINT)? And who knows. Maybe how they won the division will be totally overshadowed by what they do in the playoffs.

Check in down below. Celebrate, reminisce, make plans for the playoffs. Whatever, your St. Louis Blues are the best team in the Central Division.