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Tuesdays With Hildy: Well, Of Course: Brian Elliott Injured Just In Time For Playoffs

Ells got as much work in the All Star Game as he did in the last practice.
Ells got as much work in the All Star Game as he did in the last practice.

It's nothing big -- just an upper body day to day kind of thing, but Brian Elliott has an owie. As much as Elliott has played this season, and as many huge acrobatic saves as he has had to make, does this really surprise anyone? He's a goalie -- it's a gimmie that they get hurt, and it was a blessing that neither he nor Jaroslav Halak has been injured this season. That's probably a huge contributing factor to the Blues' success.

But come on, man. Now? Playoff Eve Eve? What is it with this team and injuries? The last two seasons the Blues finished just within sniffing range of the playoffs because they were icing half of the Peoria Rivermen. Halak wound up injured last season, and luckily Ben Bishop was playing well or else the Blues could have had a bigger problem finishing the year than they did.

This wouldn't stop Elliott from playing had he been the starter that was planned for Thursday night. Sayth Hitch:

"He's fine to play, so that's not an issue," Hitchcock said. "He's nursing something that's going to take a day or two to be 100 percent. But now, if the game started tomorrow and I decided on him, he's a player."

Well, phew. But the severity of the injury isn't the point -- the point is it happened. And, of course, it happens to one of the teams key players right before the darn playoffs. The Blues've been bitten by the injury bug enough this season; this almost just seems cruel even if it isn't a big deal.

So, my question to you this week is a more light-hearted one: what'd the Blues do to deserve this (Wings and Hawks fans, I already know your answer is going to be "exist." Spoiled your fun)? And, more to the point, what do you think the odds are that this'll happen a few more times during the playoffs?

Pessimists, come out and play.