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Wednesday Links: Winning the Damn Lottery Edition

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Insert 'Cock Here.
Insert 'Cock Here.

Read the links, then catch all of this morning's articles down below.

Blues News

  • Ride The Cock. [P-D]
  • Sucking for so many years has made this season feel amazing. Let's recall all those horrible things. Great idea. Yep. Fuck Bill Laurie. [P-D]
  • Power Rankings and playoff predictions have been made all over the place. However, they all look the same. They all look like this one, with the Penguins beating the Blues in 6 in the Cup Final. [NY Daily News]
  • The Walking Dead meets the Stanley Cup Finals in this Blues/Sharks preview. [Puck Daddy]
  • "Why the Blues Will Win the Cup," from some random guy on a shitty website. [Bettor]
  • Hey, Stars fans, join the Blues Bandwagon! [Dallas Morning News]

NHL Playoff Previews

  • A preview of the Western Conference playoffs. The best preview? Blues/Sharks, because "the Blues don't have a big star." [National Post]
  • Puck Daddy previews the intense Penguins/Flyers series, which starts tonight. [Puck Daddy]
  • Erik Karlsson, predicted to be a huge factor in the NY/Ottawa series, is as excited as he'll ever be. [NHL]
  • Our friends at OTF preview the Wings/Preds series. He says that the Predators have 3, genuine scoring lines, but I still can't name a single player on that team. They wear yellow, right? [On the Forecheck]
  • The Coyotes, the West's #3 seed, are viewed as underdogs against the 6th-seeded Blackhawks. Can Mike Smith and Co. bounce the most fair-weather fanbase from the playoffs? [NHL]
  • The Kings can't score, so their key to advancing is Jonathon Quick. Are the Kings out of steam or can they send Vancouver to riot once more? [LA Times]

NHL Draft News

  • Brian Burke is nuts. Also, his team sucks ass. [CBS Sports]
  • Toronto didn't win the lottery. Edmonton did for the 3rd year in a row. Burke was unavailable for comment, naturally. [Faceoff]

Wednesday Video

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are dramatic, so we need a dramatic video. Here's an ad for the TNT Network launching in Belgium.

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