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An Open Letter To Chris Stewart

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Dear Chris Stewart. Do this more. Thanks.
Dear Chris Stewart. Do this more. Thanks.

Dear Chris Stewart,

Good morning. Hope you're well rested. I also hope you have forgotten that you scored 15 goals in 79 games this season. Forget being delegated to playing on the fourth line. Forget the criticism you have taken all year. That shit means nothing now. It's the playoffs.

A new season is upon you. As you showed last year after the trade from the Avalanche to the Blues, you play like a man possessed -- when you have a chip on your shoulder. The Blues need you to be the guy who lit them up like a Clark Griswold Christmas display when you were playing in Colorado.

You are too talented of a player to be playing a muckers style of hockey. You have 40-goal potential. Hell, you might have even more. You seemed to be a different player when you got the three-game suspension for hitting Niklas Kronwall into the boards back in November. Again, screw all that. You are 6 freaking 2 and 232 pounds and you have unbelievable skill. Your ass should be planted in front of the net wreaking complete havoc on opposing defensemen and goaltenders. The do-over starts tonight. Now is the time to summon the spirit of John Druce and shove it up the Sharks' asses and everyone else who has written you off all year. Put up good numbers in the playoffs and everyone will forget what happened in the regular season.

It all starts tonight. The Blues need you. We need you.


Andy Portico