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Thursday Night: One Of Loudest Crowds In St. Louis Blues History

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Patrik Berglund turns the crowd noise up to 11.
Patrik Berglund turns the crowd noise up to 11.

St. Louis fans are hungry for playoff success. Just listen to them.

Thursday night's crowd of 19,333 was raucous, energetic, worried, boisterous and in the end, disappointed. What a rollercoaster night. It was so loud, I had trouble hearing Metallica's "Master of Puppets," one of the greatest hard rock songs of all time.

Throughout the game, you could hear cheers and groans on every clearing attempt, every possession up the ice and every scoring chance. They were loud after hits, louder during strong penalty killing and over the top when the Blues scored. The overtimes were a mix of joy and trepidation. The atmosphere is important for a couple reasons.

The majority of fans going to games today never stepped foot in the Arena on Oakland Avenue. And while those of us who did have the pleasure to go to the Old Barn can reminisce, it's a long ago, distant memory. Sure, this has been the Blues' home for a long time now, approaching 20 years, but it's seasons like this where hope has been restored and the Blues are a contender again that Scottrade feels like home.

It's such an invigorating feeling to see and hear the crowd act like they did Thursday. It's like crack. I want more. And it makes the regular season seem so less important. What the fuck were we doing obsessing over games in November and December when these games are like this.

Crowd's like Game 1's are jsut further confirmation that the Blues are cemented in St. Louis -- local ownership still on the verge of completing a purchase or not. They are part of the fabric.

Finally, I think the fans reacting like they did is a sign of a bigger word. Expectations. That wasn't the crowd noise of almost 20,000 fans just happy to be there. It was the sound of a city saying, "We think you're going places. And we want to go with you." We'll see on Saturday night if the Blues can live up to thos expectations.

Any observations with the crowd on Thursday? Throw 'em in down below.