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Game 2: Sharks at Blues GDT

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There's no doubt about it: this is the biggest game of the year for the Blues.

Going to San Jose down 2-0 is just about the last thing the Blues want to happen. An average road team, the Blues can't afford to have to win two games in San Jose. A loss tonight and the series is titled so heavily in favor of the Sharks that I'm sure the Blues will start calculating how much playoff ticket money they have to give back.

But a win? Well a win makes this a series.

There's no reason the Blues can't win tonight. None. The Blues out-played the Sharks in Game 1 for most of the time. Overtime was a complete domination for the Blues. All they need to do is put the puck in the net—someone besides Patrik Berglund has to be able to beat the frighteningly average Antti Niemi.

The big lineup changes are already around the internets, and this site. In: Carlo Colaiacovo, Matt D'Agostini and B.J. Crombeen. Out: Chris Stewart, Ryan Reaves and Kent Huskins. Honestly? These moves mean dick. Carlo is marginally better than Huskins, the ghost of Stewart and the ghost of D'Ags will both be ghostly. I have to figure B.J. is in only because Reaves can't go but they don't want to say that. If Hitch really wanted to get the lines going, he'd taking Vladimir Sobotka and his five goals off the third line. But whatever.

This is the playoffs. This is your GDT. Comment like you don't want to go to San Jose down 2-0.