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Sunday Links: Don't Ever Open That Door Edition

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The Sobotka door isn't quite as ferocious as the Polak door, but it's close.
The Sobotka door isn't quite as ferocious as the Polak door, but it's close.

Sorry, I'm not sorry. When this posts I will be in downtown St. Louis waiting to run 13.1 miles, because some of us are only half crazy. I'll probably be asleep before the newspaper men get all of their stories published, but I'll summarize what the Internet should be saying tomorrow.

Blues News:

  • Halak has a lower body injury and Jake Allen will be traveling to San Jose. Of all the beautiful places The League has team, Allen's possible first time to dress for an NHL game is in awful San Jose. #SanJoseSucks. [not available at time of editing]
  • There will be vitriol from this site. Between Vlasic's GWG, Russell's fight, potential suspensions and Polak's incredibly scary presence, I don't blame them. [Fear the Fin]
  • Dude. So many fights. So many. Keep an eye out for talk of suspensions. Who, what, when. etc. [Puck Daddy]
  • The surprise scratchings seem like so long ago. Let's dig deeper.
  • The Rivermen are elliminated from the Calder Cup playoffs. Sad.

The Playoffs:

  • Double OT for the Capitals at Bruins. Series tied. [Washington Post]
  • As of the end of the game on Friday night, it is LITERALLY eight past Luongo. [Toronto Star]
  • Speaking of the Canucks. This is the best bar game ever. I've been playing for a year, and I still fail. [Daniel or Henrik]
  • Hey! More OT! Also, Lundqvist was mad. [New York Times]
  • Chicago's Shaw was fined. There was an intense game. Crawford sucks. [Writen WAY before the game ended]
  • I guess the Wings are looking for a little bit more OOMPH going forward. [ESPN]


Fantastic. The League. Watch it if you like fantasy sports, dirty jokes, laughing and AMERICA.