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Jon Hamm Still Wearing "Hat Of Lies" At Blues Games

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Jon Hamm at a Blues home playoff game sporting the same hat he wore in promotional videos in 2009.
Jon Hamm at a Blues home playoff game sporting the same hat he wore in promotional videos in 2009.

This is not an attack piece on Jon Hamm. It's just to illustrate that he's a man of his word.

Back in 2009, the Blues talked their most famous fan (you could argue John Goodman might be more well known, but it's not like we've seen him at a game recently and I'm not sure Joe Buck counts...and that's the end of the list) into doing some video spots for the team. They had a few different edits to be used during stoppages in the arena and on FSN game broadcasts.

During the spots, he wore a faded Blues hat. He made a claim in the video. Here:

"I've had this hat for 15 years." As we documented back in 2009, the Blues logo in 1994 had a red outline around it and the words "St. Louis" embedded at the top of the Note. The Blues' website has a logo breakdown. So according to the team (which happened to be involved in the product of the video), that logo wouldn't appear on hats until 1998 at the earliest. So at the time, it could have been 11 years old. Which means it could be almost 14 years old. Which means it's almost not the "Hat of Lies" anymore. Kind of. Regardless, we still think it's cool that our drooling logo guy is a sticker on the T.J. Oshie sign that makes an appearance in the clip.

What this means is that while Jon Hamm is a really popular actor on a highly-acclaimed television show, he's a lot like us. I bet most people who come to this site have old Blues crap they still like or wear or wish they could fit in (apparently I wore a large-sized jersey in high school in 1992). Hell, he might even come to this site. No matter the accuracy of said hat, it's clear in the photo from Twitter friend @blakespoorbrain that it's the same. And to that we say kudos, sir.

If you would ever like to do an email interview, drop me a line. I would love to ask you some questions. You know, how did you become a fan, how closely do you follow the team and what's up with that scarf in mid-April?