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Monday Links: Every Night's Alright for Fighting Edition

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Vlady Sobotka: Breaking Noses Since 2012.
Vlady Sobotka: Breaking Noses Since 2012.

SportsCenter had an interesting fact when they were covering the playoffs last night. The NHL hasn't seen this much fighting majors and game misconducts in 20 years. What the fuck is happening? I can't tell if all this hatred and vigilante justice is good or bad for the league. On one hand, it's very entertaining, but then it all looks like a side-show. What do you guys think? I'm leaning on the "entertaining" side of things.

Blues News

  • Both the Sharks and Blues assured the press that the post-game shenanigans are just that. It's in the past and they'll both be ready for tonight. Pfft, okay. You'll still beat the shit out of each other again, guys. It's okay to admit it. [Washington Post]
  • Game 2 saw the top lines go up against one another and the Blues were the clear winners. Will that trend continue tonight? [P-D]
  • Halak is out for Game 3 tonight. Jake Allen will back-up Brian Elliott. Allen is fresh off the bus from Peoria, a team that saw its season end last night. [ESPN]
  • See? The Rivermen are done. [PJS]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Before I get to scores, let's hit the real story of the playoffs: the fighting. Everybody's doing it. The officials and Department of Player Safety have lost control. [SenShot]
  • Shanahan seems to be punishing the result, not the intent. [Deadspin]
  • Here's an article that aptly describes what's going on. The Stanley Cup will be won by a player stripping at this rate. [WSJ]
  • Will this be the end of Sheriff Shanny? [TheSpec]
  • Okay, onto scores: can you believe the motherfucking Los Angeles Kings? Up 3-0 over Vancouver. [Globe and Mail]
  • The Senators beat the Rangers in OT in another chippy game to tie the series at one. [Globe and Mail]
  • Rangers rookie Carl Hagelin was suspended 3 games for this hit on Daniel Alfredsson. [Globe and Mail]
  • Our SBN friends at Blueshirt Banter are pissed at Shanny's ruling. [Blueshirt Banter]
  • The Blackhawks have tied their series with Phoenix at one with an OT win. [The Province]
  • The city of Miami watched the Miami Heat clinch their division, the Marlins beat the Astros and the Panthers beat the Devils to tie that series at one. [Sun-Sentinel]
  • Panthers players have made a beer memorial in honor of a dedicated fan who lost a two-year battle to cancer. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Predators won their first playoff game at Joe Louis Arena to retake the series lead. [DFP]

Monday Video

Submitted by RBR, it's never-before-seen footage of the Sharks honing their fighting skills.

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