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Patrik Berglund Is Performing On The Big Stage

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Patrik Berglund is making a lot of people happy this postseason.
Patrik Berglund is making a lot of people happy this postseason.

If you were to ask some St.Louis Blues fans earlier in the year what the definition of the word overrated was, they would have replied "Patrik Berglund." My how times have changed.

The big Swede has been an absolute beast in the first round of the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs. A guy who scored 19 goals and notched 19 assists in 82 regular season games has already netted 3 goals and 1 assist during his first three playoff games. He didn't even have a power play goal during the regular season.

I have said for a long time that the expectations for Berglund have been grotesquely unrealistic. If I had a dollar for every time I heard Berglund's ceiling is the Sedin twins, I'd be richer than the person who won the Mega Millions in Red Bud. Berglund reminds me of a guy that Blues fans should know quite well.....Michal Handzus. I'd be more than happy with a guy who can score 20-25 goals while accumulating 40-50 points a season while playing a solid two-way game.

It seems that Bergy has finally stopped fighting himself and is trusting in his abilities. It doesn't hurt that he is playing on a line with two gamers such as Alex Steen and Andy McDonald. The trio has already scored six goals and handed out six helpers in three games against the Sharks.

I also like the nasty streak Berglund is bringing to the table. He isn't letting opposing Sharks players push him around. If Berglund continues to bring it, the Blues might be sipping bubbly from Lord Stanley's Cup this June. As long as the Blues stay away from hiccups like the ones they had in the last three minutes of Monday night's game, I like their chances.