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The Game Time guide to Twitter

Kevin Shattenkirk: Sick skills on the ice and pretty funny on Twitter, as well.
Kevin Shattenkirk: Sick skills on the ice and pretty funny on Twitter, as well.

Keep checking for updates with commenter Twitter handles.

Last Updated: 11:40AM 4/19

Since you're visiting Game Time the Website, chances are people have described you as some sort of "crazy, batshit insane hockey fan" at some point in your life. That's cool by us. We're not ones to judge, most of the time.

You know what else is cool? Twitter. If you aren't on Twitter, you're really doing yourself a disservice. The level of hilarity between the paper and the website is plenty high. It only gets better when you follow a bunch of us and some other essential hockey folks on the internets.

There's also plenty of room in the comments for you to post your screen name. Assuming I can edit this thing, I'll throw your name up into the story as you leave your name.

First, the site's editors.

Gallagher: @StLouisGameTime

Brad Lee: @GTBradLee

AverageJoe: @_JoeB

The rest of the gang is after the jump.

Morning Link Rats

Poor College Student: @Tim_GTpcs

BradFlick55: @BradFlick55

Hartigan: @StephHartigan


Tomorrows Blues: @TomorrowsBlues

Donut King: @KingDonutI

CrossCheckRaise: @CrossCheckRaise

Hildymac: @Hildymac

NateTheGreat: @NateTheGreatGT

RealBadRobot: @RealBadRobot

socityhooligan: @socityhooligan

The Rest of the Paper

Chris Gift: @Chris Gift

Rick Ackerman: @bluesrick

Answer Man: @GTAnswerManNoCo

Angela Vincent: @AMVincentPhoto

Commenters (Throw your twitter handle down in the comments and I'll update this post):

Heycarrieann8: @HeyCarrieAnn8

sarahconnors: @Sarah_Connors

Destroyer: @EvanHicksKC

J-Mill: @JMill1120

SJFD521: @SJFD521

Blunatic: @iammilkyg

ILNinerNut: @DamianPeyton


Paperwork Ninja: @PaperworkNinja

JStats: @JStats

Hotaru1787: @SobotkaGirl

FanFromEurope: @GerardBos

STLHokie: @twofew

Marcus E Pettersson: @erderuft

SweetActionRay: @SweetActionRay

BulldogOshie: @pripper74

Boomer9383: @ian_reynolds

I_AM_SPARTACUS: @jdandturkelton

Fred Murtz: @HDHockeyVideos

merco: @tytaylor_21

Salti Cracker: @mgarascia

ilikeboyes: @ianeezyCHEA

RFJCC: @Sundance_DJ

Will in STL: @WilbertGilbert

UIWWildthing: @UIWWildthing

TerrapinKen: @TerrapinKen

Johnny_B_Good: @johnnyb1066

Blues Players, Prospects, Alumni, and Brass

Andy McDonald: @10_AMac

Brett Hull: @2ndBestHull

Adam Cracknell: @AdamCracknell19

Bob Plager: @barcbobbill

Patrik Berglund: @bulish21

Brock Beukeboom: @BeukeBOOM25

Jordan Binnington: @binnnasty

Chris Kerber: @chriskerber

Chris Stewart: @CstewSTL25

Davis Payne: @DavisPayne4

David Backes: @dbackes42

David Perron: @DP_57

Doug Gilmour: @Gilmour_93

Jamal Mayers: @jamalmayers

Jamie McLennan: @jamiemclennan29

Jay Barriball: @jaybarriball

John Kelly: @jkellyhockey

Brian Elliott: @KidElls1

Scott Mellanby: @mellanby19

Kelly Chase: @Chasenpucks39

Mike Danton: @Mike_Danton

Nelson Ayotte: @NelsonAyotte

TJ Oshie: @Osh74

Darren Pang: @Panger40

Kevin Shattenkirk: @shattdeuces

Ryan Tesink: @Sinker19

Alex Steen: @Steener20

St. Louis Blues Official Twitter Feed: @StLouisBlues

Taylor Chorney: @tchorney41

Ian Cole: @ICole23

Blues Reporters and Writers:

Jeremy Rutherford: @jprutherford

Norm Sanders: @NormSanders

Lou Korac: @lkorac10

Andy Strickland: @andrystrickland

Bernie Miklasz: @miklasz

Jeff Gordon: @gordoszone

Since it's a Blues-centric post, I'm not going to post the rest of the NHL's players (except for Phoenix's Paul Bissonette: @BizNasty2point0 ) or the national media.

That should get you started on the road to continued hilarity.