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Wednesday Links: The NHL's Hot Problems Edition

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Waiting this long for Game 4 is killing me. At least we can watch Vancouver get swept tonight.

Blues News

  • Dan O'Neill says the phrases "potty training" and "big-boy pants" in an article about the maturing Blues youth. [P-D]
  • As we noted in a Game Time article recently, Andy McDonald is the fucking man. [P-D]
  • Jaroslav Halak will not dress for Game 4. Elliott and Allen will guard the pipes. [SBN STL]
  • Getting The Cock is the most amazing thing to happen to the Blues, says Norm. [BND]
  • The Sharks are trying to stay confident while down 2-1. [SBN Bay Area]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores from last night's quarterfinal action. The Predators went up 3-1 on Detroit, the Panthers roared back and beat the Devils to take a 2-1 lead and Phoenix pulled out another OT winner to lead 2-1. [Washington Post]
  • With all the violence, this will be the hit that stands out. Marian Hossa was wheeled out on a stretcher after a late charge by Raffi Torres. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • Brian Burke thinks the rough and tumble play is awesome. [SportsNet]
  • Hockey is becoming increasingly popular, but some worry the violence will ruin it all. Uh, I think the violence is what's drawing the audience. [Salt Lake Tribune]
  • The National Post has compiled a "Suspension Watch" for us to track borderline-illegal/illegal activity on the ice. [NP]
  • Eight things we've learned about the 2012 NHL Playoffs. [NHL]
  • The 1 seeds aren't safe from the 8 seeds thanks to the parity of the NHL. [ESPN]

Wednesday Videos

You guys know that I like bad songs/music videos. A lot. So, we'll start with another bad Blues anthem.

And this one is just bad. "Hot Problems" is about two hot girls who badly rap about their problems. It's AMAZING.


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