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St. Louis Blues Take Control Of First Round By Winning 2-1; Lead Sharks 3-1 In Series

I promise, the puck by the right post went in. First playoff goal for the B.J. Crombeen.
I promise, the puck by the right post went in. First playoff goal for the B.J. Crombeen.

What a nerve-wracking game. The Blues took the lead in the first and then seemed to be playing more to protect it than extend it the majority of the rest of the game. You could just feel at the beginning of the third that the Sharks were going to swarm. Chum was in the water.

A flurry with about 12 minutes left led to a power play for the Sharks where they really looked dangerous. And then at the end of that, Patrick Marleau took a dumb penalty. And that penalty led to the second Blues goal of the game, another for Andy McDonald this series. Seven points in four games for him. I think we told you this week, he's the engine that provides the power for the power play. The goal also gave Patrik Berglund his second assist of the game...another guy I'm certain we told you was having a helluva series this week.

WIth a two-goal lead, I'm sure you relaxed a bit, right? Empty net for San Jose for like two minutes, goal No. 3 was coming any second, right? Nope. Joe Thornton scored with just under a minute to play. Then McDonald missed the empty net, the Sharks couldn't get organized and the clock thankfully ticked down to zeroes. And we exhaled.

So that win gives the Blues a commanding 3-1 lead in the series. Game 5 is back here in St. Louis on Saturday night. I'm getting excited for said game in 3...2...1

I don't own this place. But I will defend it with my bullets.

  • The Blues have a power play goal in every game in this series so far. I'm not sure if that's a product of Ken Hitchcock's coaching ("I'll fix this damn thing in one practice!") or the lack of penalty killing on the behalf of the Sharks. Either way, the St. Louis power play has turned the tide in this series.
  • Another PeePee bullet. The Blues have converted 31 percent of their man advantages adding the regular and postseason together. That's fucking domination right there. Thanks for the info, Fox Sports Midwest. Almost makes up for your girls you keep pimping who don't like Europeans.
  • Scott Nichol took a dumb penalty as he impeded a Shark going into his zone. Dumbest play he's had all series. Good thing it's only been one. Still playing a solid game, and was playing a huge factor in getting B.J. Crombeen chances.
  • And if you needed any more proof that Hitcock dabbles in the dark arts, it has to be Crombeen scoring his first career playoff goal. You know why he's never tallied a playoff goal before? Probably because he's usually in the penalty box or on the bench because he's been in the penalty box too often.
  • Inside five minutes to play and Bernie Federko reported that fans were leaving the Shark Tank in bunches. You hear that? It's the air leaking out of the teal playoff balloon.
  • One more FSN bullet: Teams that take a 3-1 series lead win said series 90 percent of the time. Still, you don't want to be one of the sad motherfuckers in that bottom 10 percent. Be an overachiever. Be in the top 90 percent.
  • Twitter will make you say weird things. When the Blues scored their second goal, I admitted online to 940 followers (#humblebrag) that I squealed. Earlier I said I love the B.J. Just think what I might tweet Saturday.

Well, it's after midnight. It's Friday morning. Just think, the Blues play tomorrow. I'm sure we might have a few more stories between now and then. Thanks for your patronage this week. Big week for us and the team we follow. Come back for more, won't you?