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Friday Links: Happy Red Wings Can Be Eliminated Today Day Edition

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5 new ways to spice up the crease.
5 new ways to spice up the crease.

Shared barbs last night with a Sharks fan. Turns out he made it to St Louis for game 2. He had nothing but nice things to say about the niceness of the fans around him. You all are just winners. Kind like the Blues last night . . .

I also got yelled at by "Hawks fans, but I kinda deserved that. Then the Capitals fan admitted to having never heard of Dale Hunter before he became coach . . . or Rod Langway . . . in general. SO MUCH EYE ROLLING. There were no Panthers fans to interview.

Blues News:

  • The Blues did not stop believing. [Post Dispatch]
  • I got two things from this article: BLUES WIN and Marty Havlat is 31. Really? He is? I never would have guessed. [USATODAY]
  • What the west coast reporters are saying about the Blues' win. [Hint: the tone is 'frustrated.'] [San Jose Mercury News]
  • Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur . . . oh wait, those are Howard's pads. Anyway, Halak still in a walking boot, no doubt that it's been decorated. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • Scoring goals is hard. [San Jose Mercury News]
  • The Capitals are playing a more physical game. What says their coach? [On Frozen Blog]
  • ALL THE WINNERS! [Businessweek]
  • Haha. There IS a lack of gratuitous nudity in the NHL playoffs. Pretty sure I should have picked out something else in this article. I did not. [Star Tribune]
  • Sitting Luongo, Crouching Kesler. [The Star]
  • Why hockey is popular again. DUH #becauseitsthecup [Bleacher Report]
  • The Capitals capitalize on their goalie picks. A few years back Varlamov was the budding sensation. That Neuvirth guy isn't bad either. But this year, they've got Braden Holtby. My only question is where will he be traded next year? [The Washington Post]


I had a Selena Gomez song for today, but the powers that be made this happen. I'm not upset.

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