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On The Brink: Sharks At Blues Game 5 Game Day Thread

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Blues need another strong game out of Andy McDonald if they want to book their trip to the second round.
Blues need another strong game out of Andy McDonald if they want to book their trip to the second round.

The Blues have a chance to close out the first round with a win on home ice tonight against the San Jose Sharks. And I don't care if you plan to be on your couch, in a bar, listening on the radio or standing at your seat inside the arena: It's time.

It's time to make as much noise as you possibly can to keep pushing this young hockey team to another level. It's time for the Blues to answer their critics coming down the stretch who said this squad was boring and not built for the playoffs. It's time for the Blues to pay us back for all those Tuesday night Columbus games, those blowout games in Detroit, all the money and time we've spent on this franchise with a memorable home victory and handshake line. It's time for the Blues to put these Sharks out of their misery.

Going back through the records, I believe the Blues have clsoed out a playoff series 12 times before tonight. That's not too many opportunities to be there and see it happen. Let's not put off to Monday what they could take care of tonight.

The Blues may have a 3-1 series lead, there is pressure to get it done tonight. Consider this: If the Blues can't get a win tonight, they fly cross-country back to San Jose for another elimination game in the Shark Tank. The Blues have won twice there. Expecting a third win in that building in the same series might be a little too optimistic. So that would tie the series at three wins apiece and bring it back here for a Game 7. And in a Game 7, anything can fucking happen. There is too much left to chance by not winning tonight. So put those possibilities to rest and close this thing.

On the Twitter, reports from the morning skate say no lineup changes for the Blues. I haven't seen an update on Jaroslav Halak, so just assume Jake Allen is backing up the now-starter, Brian Elliott.

Look, we want to party tonight too. Only eight teams in a league of 30 make the second round. It hasn't happened nearly enough around here the last decade. As in, it hasn't happened once in the last decade. But I'm already nervous. And excited. And cautiomistic.

That's all I got. You probably haven't read much of this anyway. That's fine. I'd be blind drunk too if I could. This is your game day thread. Comment like you're drinking coffee. Because coffee is for closers.