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The Best Of The Worst Puck Daddy Comments

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Last week we were asked to write a eulogy for the Puck Daddy series that "celebrates" a team being elminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs.

We were actually given a choice between the Blackhawks and Red Wings. We've done that for the Hawks. Actually, we've done that twice for the Hawks. So we jumped at the chance to talk about Detroit. For obviously several reasons.

Here's what you need to know about the eulogy: Fans of the team written about are supposed to hate it. The piece is meant to be a roast. You ever see the Comedy Central roasts? Same thing. You push the boundaries of good taste. And then you keep going. So, we did.

Is it twisted? Absolutely. Could it be funnier? Sure. Does the story go too far? Only if you take it seriously. Like these people below who represent the best of the worst commenters on the Internet -- the people who overreacted in the Puck Daddy comments. My only regret is that the vast majority of people who are outraged didn't make the mistake of blaming Greg Wyshinski for writing the story as has happened the last few years.


Funny everybody pokes jabs at McCarty, Draper, and Maltby but they did what Wayne Gretzky ,Glenn Anderson, Charlie Huddy, Craig MacTavish and The Golden Brett" Hull could NOT do for poor St Louis . That is become a winner . Snarky laugh

Did Mr. Mashman Google "Old Players Who Were At The End Of The Line When They Got To St. Louis" and added Hull? You want to talk about the talent with the Blues who couldn't win here and you drop a Charlie Huddy reference? I can see a Chris Pronger or Brendan Shanahan. But Huddy. I'll see your snarky laugh and raise you a confused eyebrow with a slight eye roll thrown in for good measure.

Chris P:

Im pretty sure most of the players stay in Michigan. Everybody that talks trash about Detroit has never actually been here so they know nothing about Oakland county which is one of the richest counties in the country and the schools there are top notch. Bloomfield Hills is the 4th wealthiest city in the nation. In fact, even though he's down in Tampa, Yzerman and his family still reside there. Whatever, people judge the book by its cover.

So what you're saying, Mr. P, is that a really rich suburb of Detroit is prospering while the city itself is crumbling is enough to say "Detroit is not an ecomoically depressed region. Just look at this really small group of rich people!" Got it. And the book has no words. It's a pop-up book of sad people who want to move.

------ (Apparently no screen name)

Y'know, my brother and I write about St. Louis sports ourselves. Do we share distaste for the Red Wings? Sure. BUT it's in fun of the rivalry. We have several Wings fans who follow us because it's fun to pop jokes at one another.... Brad and Sean, what you guys did was low, and makes the rest of us look bad (as can be seen by all the genuine hate from those who dislike my generally great city). A eulogy is one thing, but that's terrible. Greg, as one sports blogger to a sports writer, I implore you, please take this down. This is more hatemongering than eulogy. TIA.

Mr. No Screen Name, there's a reason we were asked to write the eulogy and not you and your brother. I'll make this as simple and non-offensive as I can. We're Minor Threat (Google it) and you're Nickelback. For us to make you look bad, we'd have to know who you are. We might also have to care. And don't be surprised when Puck Daddy doesn't take the story down. Thanks in advance...I think you overestimate your chances.


Wow...pretty low class..even for Puck Daddy. St.Louis bloggers?. A team finally gets a winning season after a decade or so of garbage and NOW they thump their chests? We in detroit DO NOT LIKE KID ROCK!!! its the rest of his stupid fans everywhere else. Jack White is more detroit than kid rock. Go choke on a big one!

People of Detroit do not like Kid Rock. Got it. And we've been around in some form or another since November 2005. We've been low class for a long time, not just when our team got good and made the second round while yours didn't.

A Yahoo! User:

Talk about cheap shot artists - this "eulogy" is pretty awful. I'm a Wings fan (and let me tell you, there aren't that many bandwagoners - most of us are proud lifers) and cracks about Gordie and Konstantinov go beyond the pale. Classless and mean. And more shots about the city? Gee thanks - so original. I sincerely hope these get better. I'm a Red Wing fan and I'm probably going to root for St. Louis or Nashville. All the hating and cracks about the Wings' age, the city, or whatever, still would never make me trade my team for anyone else's.

Saying there are no bandwagon fans with the Wings is like saying only people from the Bronx like the Yankees. The Red Wings have been a wildly successful team. Winning attracts fans who like winning.

I'll address the Gordie Howe and Vladimir Konstantinov remarks. We merely mentioned the big Russian; we did poke fun at Mr. Hockey. No I wasn't surprised the story got edited. I was surprised both jokes weren't edited. If their family members were to read those words, yes it would be a bit awkward. But again, it's a roast. Puck Daddy will run a eulogy for the Blues (and I promise you, it won't be from any super serious Wings blogger). They run one for every playoff team, even the last team standing. Whomever writes it, if they mention Barclay Plager or Bob Gassoff or any other unpleasant memory, I will understand the context and not worry about it. Overreacting means the terrorists have won.

Our job with this eulogy was to push the buttons of Red Wings fans. Mission accomplished.


Hey everyone, let's try and disprove everything written in this article that's supposed to be offensive and not necessarily correct, because we are humorless dopes. Seriously people, it's meant to be offensive, not accurate....chill out.
It took a commenter named after the son on the "Cosby Show" to figure us out. You have help from Cockroach?