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Your Non-Blues GDT

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Only two games tonight, but both are elimination games as the Ottawa Senators can take out the New York Rangers (game starts at 6 pm) and the Phoenix Coyotes can knock the Chicago Blackhawks out of the playoffs (in overtime, natch) with a win.

The Blues are hosting the Los Angeles Kings later this week in Round 2. If the Rangers get knocked out, the Blues will be the de facto home ice owners the rest of their playoff run. If the Hawks lose tonight or in Game 7, Phoenix will get to host the Nashville Predators. If the Hawks can come back and win the series (they've done it before), their playoff road march continues on in Nashville.

I bet I can guess 95% of the rooting interests among Blues fans tonight, but you might as well talk it all out in the comments. What else are you gonna do anyway, watch baseball?