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Game 7s (Games 7?) Non-Blues GDT

I love Game 7. When the Blues played one against the Phoenix Coyotes back in 1999 (or whenever it was - fact checker! Report for duty!) I was living in Virginia. By the time I got to go to bed I was wearing two Blues jerseys simultaneously for good luck, a Blues hat, a Blues t-shirt and was probably uttering lucky phrases over and over. When the Blues finally got the overtime winner off Pierre Turgeon, I was a wreck.

But at least all my lucky gear had helped carry the day.

Tonight, I'd imagine, a lot of fans are figuring out their lucky wardrobes and going through some extensive pre-game rituals. If you want to talk about those games or rituals with some Blues fans, why, this might just work out for you.

The Senators got to New York to play the Rangers at 6 central and the Devils are on the road in Florida to take on the Panthers starting at 7:30 central. Will you have two TVs on, Command Central-style, or will you just be flipping back and forth like an ADHD kid hopped up on pixie stix?

At least when it's over we might find out what time the Blues are playing Saturday, which would be, you know, nice.