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Sunday Links: Well, That Sucked Edition

What is happening here? What's going on?
What is happening here? What's going on?

Yeah, that escalated quite quickly. According to the Avs fans watching the game with me, that second goal against Elliott was typical Elliott. I refuse to believe that. Not a fan of the game last night, but that's why there will be four more.

Blues News:

Hockey News:


Quick background story. I'm watching VH1's Top 20 countdown right now to see if my computer can work with me to get links done before the countdown ends. Turns out, barely. So while I was trying pick the perfect Nickelback song for you guys, THEIR NEW SONG IS PLAYING. Oh, he just told me to turn up the song on the radio. I like how everything happens.

Hartigan is on the move! Over the next 2 weeks I will be driving over 3000 miles, so I will be watching the next 4 Blues games in 4 different states. If you're around, and want ridiculousness, come on out.

Game 2: Rock Bottom Brewery - Denver

Game 3: The Maple Leaf Pub - Houston

Game 4: TBD - Atlanta

Game 5: TBD - D.C.