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Kings At Blues Game 2, Round 2 Game Day Thread

Barret Jackman can grow a beard quickly.
Barret Jackman can grow a beard quickly.

Tonight is the most important game of the entire season for the St. Louis Blues. No, they can't be eliminated fromt eh playoffs. They wouldn't even be pushed to the brink if they lose tonight. But no one in this building outside the suite holding the L.A. Kings executives wants this series to go to Los Angeles with the Kings up 2-0. If the Blues want to take advantage of the opportunity laid before them, they have to win tonight.

Unless they don't win. And then we'll totally say the series isn't over.

You might remember the Blues lost a tight one in the first game of the first round. And they came back and pounded, literally, the Sharks into submission. Could we see the same thing tonight? Game 1 didn't see too many get togethers after the whistle until the third period. The game was physical in spurts, but not consistently. It did seem like the Blues had little fear of crowding Jonathan Quick in the crease. That's a good thing.

The fourth line could use a little more playing time, in my opinion which is in no way humble. They created chances and usually kept the Kings deep in their own zone. And if Scott Nichol could hit the net in a high pressure situation, we might be talking about a Blues win or at least an overtime game to start the series. Alas.

Hey, that Brian Elliott is a good goaltender. Welcome him back against Quick. And no, we don't know if Alex Pietrangelo is playing tonight. Yes, we'd like to know too.

This is your game day thread. Comment like you're concussed.