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Wednesday Links: Voted #1 In Jersey Edition

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Bring back Chris Porter, please.
Bring back Chris Porter, please.

Blues News

  • Blues hit the ice tonight at 6:30 Central to take on the Red Wings. Although both teams have clinched playoff spots, there still is a lot on the line in this nationally-televised game. [P-D]
  • Brian Elliott and his shutout streak will guard the net tonight for the Blues. [P-D]
  • Playing time is determined by performance and not reputation, says Hitchcock. Tonight, we'll see that wheel turn. [BND]
  • Most New Jersey Devils players think that the Blues will reach the Cup Finals. Janssen with the homer vote. []
  • Blues pep rally next week on the first day of playoff action! [KSDK]
  • After a 5-game losing streak, the Peoria Rivermen won a game in overtime and took over the final spot in the AHL playoff race. [PJS]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Scores from an amazing night of hockey. The Sharks downed the Stars in a pivotal Pacific Division match-up, the Sabres stayed alive and the Jets played spoiler to the Panthers' clinching prospects. [SBN]
  • Seriously, look at this Sabres/Leafs game that kept Buffalo alive in the playoff race. [NHL]
  • Maple Leafs suck. Relive their rise and annual fall with a handy video montage. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Rangers are tops in the Eastern Conference with last night's win. [NHL]
  • With Daniel Sedin's injury, many people thought the Canucks would be done for. The exact opposite has happened. The injury has been a rallying point for the now-1st place Vancouver squad. [P-D]
  • ESPN predicts awards. The Cock and Army are penciled in as favorites for the Jack Adams and GM of the Year, respectively. [ESPN]
  • For suggesting that the NHL "wants Hollywood" in the playoffs, Oilers coach Tom Renney was fined $10,000. []
  • The Flames need to dismantle and rebuild. [Fox]

Wednesday Video + GIF

Now I know why the animals in Animal Crossing sound the way they do.

Not a video, but I found a great, new GIF for the GDTs. It's Jeff Goldblum dancing.



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