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Blues phone in "game" against Coyotes, do not win

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This ain't much of a wrap up, but that weren't much of a game, neither. No bulletpoints tonight because I don't want to talk about what I saw tonight. Mainly, I have no interest in writing about The Force That Is Radim Vrbata.

Sometimes 140 characters is better than thousands of words, so those Twitter guys were on to something. Here's what I sent out post-game: If you're a #StLBlues fan and you're panicking, I don't want to talk to you. If you're a fan and you're not panicking, I don't want to talk to you either.

The Blues look to me like they are playing out the stretch. They look like they know that they worked hard enough up front to earn a little off-time down the stretch this year. It's as if they realize that first would be nice, but second isn't bad either and the difference between the two isn't worth getting hurt over right before the second season gets going.

After the game tonight, David Backes talked about how this squad's first post-season ended quickly and that they didn't plan on that being the case this year. That's a great sentiment alright, but let's hope that they can actually make it happen. This franchise has gotten into a weird place over the last few years where there seems to be an awful lot of talk about "flipping the switch" when it matters. It all stems from that miracle run three years ago when the switch was flipped during that incredible come-from-behind win in Boston that resulted in an incredible come-from-behind playoff run.

But that is dangerous talk. There is no switch. It's not easy for a human to go from "Imma take this easy" to "Let's get hectic" just because he says he wants to.

We'll see. There's a lot to think about between now and Game 1. Will a switch be flipped, or is tonight an indicator of things to come? Let's hope it's not the latter.

Let's go Blues.