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Saturday Links: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Edition

His goal was pretty.
His goal was pretty.

I had a crash course in writing in HTML this morning. Fun fact: to bold something, it is < Strong > and < /Strong > TROGDOR

Hockey. Let's chat. Bergland's goal = beauty. Everything else did not equal beauty.

Blues News:

1. Recaps, jinxes, 1st Loser, Oh my! [You're My Boys, Blues]
2. Yes, St. Louis Blues, visit my current state of residence when I'm your state of residence. [Defending Big D]

Hockey Stuff:

1. Found in the comment section of yesterday's links. [Puck Daddy]
2. I haven't done my due diligence in a few years. Stamkos is awesome. [CBS Sports]
3. Didn't that Italian soccer player Z-something Z-something learn headbutting was bad? Guess what, Prosser, It's still bad. [Bellingham Herald]
4. Feel good story of the day. [Denver Post]
5. Who are the Blues going to play first round? Ask these guys. [SF Gate]
6. The Canadians weigh in on their award predictions. Malkin and Hitchcock and Landeskog. Like everyone knows will happen. [The National Post]
7. Money, money, money, money, MONEY. [Slam]
8. The Capitals are a fucking mess, shit. Come on D.C. GET IT TOGETHER. [PHT]


If I were to plan the NHL awards, these guys would be one of the musical acts.

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Alright, so apparantly I didn't make it clear enough that it was MY birthday yesterday, unless you were the flight attendant, the waitress, the beer vendor, the Dunkin Donuts cashier, the guy in the seat at Scottrade next to me, etc.. Next year, you'll know.