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Blues Win, Watch The Late Games, Find Out First Round Opponent

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I try look like playoff goalie really hard. Hope big man say so too, yes?
I try look like playoff goalie really hard. Hope big man say so too, yes?

Here's what we know this moment.

The Blues won 3-2 at Dallas.

The Phoenix Coyotes won 4-1 at Minnesota and are champions of the Pacific Division. They will host the Chicago Blackhawks in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Vancouver is tied 0-0 hosting Edmonton. If the Canucks get a point, they win the Western Conference. The Blues do hold the first tiebreaker (regulation and overtime wins) if both teams finish with 109 points, which they do until the end of the Vancouver game.

San Jose is hosting Los Angeles -- both potential first-round opponents for the Blues. That game is scoreless right now as well. So the Blues won't know what seed they have or the team they will play until late tonight/early tomorrow morning depending upon your perspective.

The NHL playoff schedule will be announced at noon on Sunday. We know the Blues cannot play at home on Friday night because of a comedy show with Kevin Hart (he played the character Big Bunny in the movie Fools Gold) at the Scotty. So smart money would be on a Thursday-Saturday schedule, but this is the NHL we're talking about here, so you never know.

Sure, the Blues struggled down the stretch. Sure, they didn't play as well as they have the past few months. If they had won last night, they would have won the President's Trophy. But really, who is going to complain with 109 points and not winning a trophy that did them absolutely no good the only other time they've won it?

Exactly. So this is your hang out and watch late hockey thread. Have at it.