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Blues Get A Chance To Exorcise Some Demons: Face Sharks in Round One

The Blues faced the Sharks in the playoffs once and were devastated as they lost in Game 7 despite being the President's Trophy winners. The next time they faced the Sharks, they were quickly knocked out, the last of their 25-year playoff appearance streak. They also had a member of their team picked up at the airport by the FBI and later convicted of a murder-for-hire plot and sent to federal prison.

So we're hoping this goes better.

The Blues beat the Sharks in all four meetings this year, but they weren't walk-aways. The Sharkies know their Cup-run window is closing. They have the high-end talent and have playoff experience. They have had to battle down the stretch just to get into the playoffs.

The Blues are rested, ready and have the depth, system and coaching to win the series.


What happens when the two collide? Are the Blues ready and rested? Are they cursed against this San Jose team? Are the Sharks burned out from the run? Or deep enough to roll against the tough-checking Blues? Are they playoff-cursed?

The story lines run deep. Should be an awesome series.