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Saturday Links: Goalies Galore Edition

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They are all so good.
They are all so good.

Goalies aren't my thing, but everyone else seems to like their crazy asses.

Let's give the people what the want! - Something Hartigan has never said, and probably never will - it's just the easiest theme this morning.

All the goalies:

  • There are good things! Like the Jennings Trophy, remember the Jennings Trophy? [Blues]
  • Poor Halak. He's got a long road of recovery most likely filled with percocets. [Sporting News]
  • Poor Elliott. Ear infections are the worst. [ProHockeyTalk]
  • Martin Brodeur's book will be one of the books read in my sport's book club. Most definitely. [Amazon]
  • Mike Smith is coming up solid in the post season. [NHL]
  • Pretty cool stats on Smith and Quick. A goal and a shutout for their first professional win? Both of them? [The ECHL]
  • Aw, it's a little Capital's goalie's baby. [puck daddy]
  • OF COURSE Henry has his own appreciation blog. It's kinda fantastic. [The Henrik Lundqvist Blog]


Honoring a wonder goalie this morning - Belchy.

P.S. I'm on a 1700 mile roadtrip. Today is KY, IN, IL, MO. Basically you'll find me on 64. SAVE ME. On the plus side there is a detour for Tim Horton's planned. Just learned that we're going to OHIO as well. Boy oh boy.

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