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Wednesday Links: Don't Forget to be Awesome!

I RAWR in your Direction Quick... Jerk.
I RAWR in your Direction Quick... Jerk.

Flick is off stuck in an endless cycle tending to a boom pole and very little sleep...

That sounds a little wrong... eh.

SO while he is off recording sound on some set that I will never see I am here for you, the people... of Gametime... are we really people here? I ponder these things at very awkward times. I really need to stop doing that... or not.

I now shall move forward cause really this is just starting to sound very rambly and like I have been hit in the head or something of that nature... Seriously is it time for Blues hockey to be back yet???

Onward with the Links of the Robot!

Blues News:

  • Interesting read on our future Russian Stallion... dog... what animal best associates with a russian??? (KMOV)
  • If you haven't heard yet the blues have been purchased by local boy Tom Stillman... aka The Blackhawks Fans new drinking partner... seriously jealous of that dick... but not his dick... oh shit I give up... (STLToday)
  • The Komen Race for the Cure is coming up soon... here is all the info you need to join the Blues "Team"! (Missouri Sports Mag)

Hockey News:

  • Puck From Last Night: Jonathan Quick further proved that he is a) A Jedi and b) the entire NHL is weak minded and therefore unable to see they are being mind fucked by him. (NHL)
  • In the East The Rangers are holding a pretty nice 2-0 Series lead over the Devils... meh I miss the Blues! (NHL)
  • Alex Goligoski is seriously a lucky lucky man... (CBSSports)
  • Apparently ESPN doesn't hate Hockey... According to Ilya "Universe" Bryzgalov This is news to the specks of earth... (Thanks Jason aka No GT Username Left in email...) (Sherman Report)
  • The St. Louis Bandits will be inactive for the 2012-2013 Junior Hockey season... damn man just damn... (Junior Hockey)
  • Women Hockey Players are sparse and when one of our ranks is taken from us we morn... RIP Lizzie Watkins. (Perth Now)
  • Chronicling the Drunken Adventures of Patricia Kane. (Deadspin)

Other News:

  • If you are an Olympian and you make a bet that includes humiliating yourself at the Opening Ceremony in London... you better sure as hell make sure you win that bet... this guy didn't. (Fourth Place Medal)
  • My history teacher in high school had it right... history is a bunch of lies... (Cracked)
  • This one is for the Ladies... Ryan Lochte (DAMN!!!) loves his mommy. (Shine)


  • LMFAO Get's Schooled by this 18 year old... boy gots some amazing pipes!

  • There are things that people do with babies that just make me shudder... this is not one of those things:
Well that's it for me Cats and Kittens!

Until next time, I bid thee a du... yeah that's just weird...

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