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Thursday Links: What is Life With Out Blues Hockey?

Babies I MISS YOU!
Babies I MISS YOU!

My nights are so boring now a days... I have no puck to watch, unless you count the rest of the Stanley Cup playoffs. But honestly I could care less about who is left. No team is really exciting to me and I have no desire to continue watching Quick mind fuck us all... its a wound that is still to fresh.

So that leaves my nights free to wallow away and attempt to fill the empty spot left by the blues with ice cream and an intense Gilmore Girls marathon... its like an intense break up that I am in the early stages of getting over.

Come back to me my dear blues I seriously won't ever hurt you like that again!

Now for the depressed RBR links:

Blues News:

  • Not much out there but this was a really cool read with our Boy Shatty. (Greenwich Post)
  • Bleacher Report gives us an A-... I can take that. (Bleacher Report)
  • Can Tommy Stillman get shit done in St. Louis? Hope so cause damn we deserve it Tom. (STLToday)
Hockey News:
  • Puck from Last Night: Well then... New Jersey tied up the series 1-1... blah. (NHL)
  • Who is sick of John Tortorella... I sure Am! (Puck Daddy)
  • So apparently there just isn't enough controversy in this post season for the media so they start creating it... seriously what's wrong with shot blocking!? (CBS)
  • Martin Hanzal will sit for one game as he has been handed a Shanaban. (Puck Daddy)
  • WTF IS THIS?! (Brooklyndaily)
  • 246 hours of Hockey... that's a lot of playing... and a lot of love for the game. (Calgary Herald)
  • Now I have a strong hatred for the Dead Things and their fans but I have said it before and I'll say it again... Fuck Cancer. (The Record)
Other News:
  • We got new slang for balls boys and girls... (Today I Found Out)
  • Pretty good tumblr... (DatLaugh)
  • NOT Politically charged I swear, but it was to interesting to pass up read the speech that was covered up for stating this dudes opinions/his view on the rich as a rich man. (Round Table)
  • There is Seriously NO WAY anyone notice this in Iron Man 2. (Imgur)
  • Not sure if this kid is a genius or a dumb ass.

  • Everyone is allowed to have an off day... even super heroes.

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