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Monday's Links: All The Pretty Girls On A Saturday Night

Who knew... Coyote fans exist in LA.
Who knew... Coyote fans exist in LA.


*RBRs Brain is in MAJOR Withdrawal*

Hartigan (& Other Females or Males who'd like to join) can we do a synchronized Gilmore Girls Marathon/weekly "GDT"? I am so lost and need to shoot the shit with someone during this very difficult time.

Quicky Robo Links:

Blues News:

  • They are absent from the minds but not hearts... *Finishes off another pint of Ben and Jerry's*

Hockey News:

  • Puck From Last Night: Some how Quick and Smith had a little bit of a mind swap yesterday. I'd like to thank the chinese restaurant in LA and their magic fortune cookies. +1 for Freaky Friday Reference! (NHL)
  • There better not be another Lock Out... I will personally kill the evil Troll Bettman... with a stick... or a shotgun not quite sure which. (The Daily Beast)
  • From Russia with Love. They Winz they Gold at Worlds! (Chicago Tribune)
  • Ze Memorial Cup. (Toronto Sun)
  • We Females just know how to make men well up in tears, either that or we are terrifying when disappointed, you pick. (Daily Mail)

Other News:

  • Someone really needs to teach Jon Travolta the meaning of the "No-No Square." (Gawker)
  • Ever wonder how you grandparents would react to Skrillex? Now you know. (Crave Online)
  • Creepy or Effective? You be the judge. (Another Mag)
  • A Bee Gee has fallen. RIP Robin Gibb. (Yahoo!)
  • If Only This happend in video parody form... I'd watch it, like 80,000 times a day. (DeviantArt)
  • The Pixar Avengers - If you don't like this then I hate you. Forgive me its the withdrawal... I am in the lashing out phase. (BuzzFeed)


  • SNL lost a few members this week... the Digital Short brought back so many high school memories.

  • And who said Hockey was the most violent sport again...? These kids beg to differ.

I will see y'all tomorrow after wrestling through the protests and all the NATO Sequirity to get to work... Wish me LUCK!

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