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Monday Links: Minor Difficulties in Links Land

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Dude how are you not dead yet?
Dude how are you not dead yet?

Hey Look the Links Department is still living!

I think all of our lives kinda took over these past few days... in my case my sleep schedule just kept fucking me over... so did you miss us? are you going to maime us? come at me bro...? I am not accustom to said punishment... I feel like there should be one... or at least for me... I kinda miss my punishments that forced me to do crazy things for YouTube... so its summer... I miss links then y'all can punish me... :D

On a more serious note, Happy Memorial Day to those of our readers who have served, have family that has served, or is in any other way connected to the military. I lost my biological great grandfather in the Battle of Anzio on D-Day in WWII and my Adoptive Great Grandpa served as well. The purple heart is one of the only things my Grandma has of her father and its something I have been the only grandchild to wear and it makes me proud. So my dear service Men and Women your sacrifice is appreciated and I hope one day we will be at peace so all of you can come home to your families!

God Bless the Troops!

Robot Watching Mulan Links:

Blues News:

  • Nothing, Nada, Zilch. Sad...
NHL News:
  • Puck from Last Night: There was none because we are awaiting the Lamest Stanley Cup Finals ever. It starts May 30th for those not in the loop.
  • Rick Nash really wants out of Columbus, I choose to take this as he is still scared of TJ Oshie. (Puck Daddy)
  • Martin Brodeur is old. (Go San Angelo)
  • This guy wants you to know that hockey is the Shit. (Record Online)
  • Fighting... does it make you a real man... well it does in Hockey... (The Globe and Mail)
  • CBC Hates Women. Hockey is for Men, Apparently... (Deadspin)
Weird/Creepy News:
  • Your Daily AWWWW: HUG ALL THE GOATS!!!

  • Brings a new meaning to the term "Crotch Shot" (NSFW)

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