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Tuesday Links: Migraines and Other Shenanigans

So Memorial day I slept in for the troops and I send them all of my rest, I also cleaned. Just my kitchen, it sparkles while I still have to climb over things like I am on a jungle gym to get any where. I also just found out that Bucky from the Captain America also is the Mad Hatter on Once Upon A Time... my mind was BLOWN! Now I have to prepare to start school again tomorrow. My last round of classes begin at 10 AM and last till 10 PM and I have a migraine shit son its gonna be a long day. I am so tired right now I am falling asleep at the keyboard. Damn Migraines just drain every ounce of energy out of my body, fucking migraines man.

So with that let's just get on with it shall we?

Migrained Robot Links:

Blues News:

  • This is still a vast pit of emptiness in my heart.
NHL News:
  • Very little is going on in this department since the Finals don't start until tomorrow. But them Crazy Russian's man. (PuckDaddy)
Weird/Creepy News:
  • SAVE THE LEMURS!!! (Gawker)
  • Master Chief wee need you! (Joystiq)
  • For the entire population of short white people... I apologize.

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