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Blues Trying To Avoid The Brink, Game 3 At Kings GDT

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Jonathan Quick is so good, he poops pucks for breakfast.
Jonathan Quick is so good, he poops pucks for breakfast.

The first period will be the barometer tonight at Staples Center for the St. Louis Blues.

After being humiliated at home in Game 2 and allowing four first-period goals, we need to see how the Blues are going to handle the 2-0 series deficit. Only once in franchise history have the Blues come back from a 2-0 deficit. If you're looking for unbridled enthusiasm, you might be in the wrong place. We haven't written the Blues off yet, but tonight is huge.

Welcome back Alex Pietrangelo. He's healed to at least a level where he thinks he can at least play tonight. His absence on Monday was glaring. It put guys in positions they weren't comfortable in, it hampered them defensively and with moving the puck. No. 27, your teammates need you. We need you.

Also, welcome back...Chris Stewart? Apparently Jason Arnott is hurt. So Stewart "earns" his way back into the lineup. Play hard, sir. Play hard.

I would think Brian Elliott is starting in net. Haven't seen anything official, but I would be he gets the nod.

No other lineup changes. I don't give a shit who is suiting up for the Kings. It doesn't matter, frankly. This game tonight is all about the Blues figuring out how to control the tempo and play their game. If they do that, they have a helluva shot at winning. If they don't, well I hope you didn't get your hopes up about using those Game 5 tickets you bought today.

This is your game day thread. Comment like Brett Hull is watching. You never know, he might be.