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Thursday Links: Individualistic Approaches to Creativity

These are going to be quick. Due to my migraine state these past few days I have been unable to work on homework like I like to... so hence the no links yesterday and the weird title today (YAY Psychology of Creativity!) Plus I have the song "Friday" stuck in my head for god knows what reason. These Migraines and their strange ways I feel like I should start naming them like Hurricanes...

Fun Fun Looking Forward to the weeeeeekend... Lord Help me!

iBot Links:

Blues News:

  • Oshie, wherefore art thou Oshie? -- He's NOT with Patrick Kane thank GOD!
NHL News:
  • Puck from Last Night: The Kings took a 1-0 Lead over the Devils in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals... I really wish I cared this year. (NHL)
  • The Puck Daddy 3 Stars of the night... coincidently NOT written by that Devil Lover Wysh. (Puck Daddy)
Weird/Creepy News:
  • 15 Entertainment like theories that if your mind is still in tact after reading, then you are heartless my friend. (BuzzFeed)
  • AWWW of the Day: Little Boy wins a trip to Disney but gives the dream to the family of a fallen soldier... can't. contain. the. tears. such. sweetness. (Yahoo!)
  • Whovians UNITE! (BuzzFeed)
  • Lady Link Land Has been Founded! I CALL THE BLUE ONE! Take THAT Hartigan!

  • Rather inventive little girls... they be rocking those Land-O-Lakes containers!

Hartigan will catch you for the weekend hopefully there will be no more missed days! we gotta get this summer bitch together! geez!

Send me things! Lots of things... with Bows and Pink ribbens!

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