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Top 11 Reasons I Want To See Game 5 Of Blues And Kings

Coach Sutter, he's relate to Popeye, right?
Coach Sutter, he's relate to Popeye, right?

It's now midnight, just a few minutes after the Blues got off to a slow start, Brian Elliott sure appeared to come apart at the seems and the Kings moved firmly into position to step on the Blues' throats with a 4-2 dominating win in Los Angeles. Hope is a hard commodity to find right now.

And here we are with two days off, waiting for the ax to fall and mercifully end this series, this domination. Who would have thought the man in black holding the ax would be Dustin Brown. That guy has been part of almost every highlight for the Kings and created many of the lowlights for the Blues.

Quite simply, it will take a miracle for the Blues to win this playoff series and advance. So let's focus on something small. How about winning a damn game? Now I can relate to folks who think the best thing to happen would be a sweep, get it over with quickly. Ripping the bandage off quickly is often the best approach. But I'm not ready. I want more hockey. So I give you my

Top 11 Reasons I want To See Game 5 Of Blues And Kings

11. We didn't get a chance to say goodbye to this hockey team. They gave us some tremendous surprises and 30 home wins. I'd like one more time to stand and applaud for their work since October. Even if it's tainted with disappointment. Again. Let's move on.

10. Those $8 beers taste so much better in May. So I'm told.

9. A few more nights knowing I'm watching my team play hockey and fans in Detroit and Chicago are watching my team play hockey is always a good thing no matter what. And don't let them lie. They are watching. And waiting to pounce when this series ends.

8. This team deserves better than a sweep. They allowed the fewest goals against all season. They challenged for the President's Trophy up to the final weekend. They won the division. A sweep is a bad ending to all that. The other side of the coin: They've played so poorly in just this series, they deserve to get swept.

7. I want Brian Elliott to win a game in this series. I became uncomfortable for him, watching his implosion in L.A. on Thursday. He was suddenly the star in his own "Wanna get away?" Southwest Airlines commercial. Didn't enjoy that at all. No hate for the man. Don't want to pity him either. I'd like to see him turn in a stellar performance on Sunday.

6. I don't want Ken Hitchcock to have a heart attack Sunday afternoon.

5. I want to say goodbye to my hockey friends. Through this weird endeavor we've met so many cool people. Going to game days is all about seeing familiar faces. I won't see them until October. I'd like to wish them a nice summer.

4. I want the Blues to stand up, push the Kings back and show the heart and determination they've played with all season. This was not a soft team all year. This was not a team that got intimidated and let the other team dictate the pace and style of play. They did it to the opposition. Now it's being done to them.

3. I don't want to see them give up Sunday. Nope. Don't want to see it. You can say they gave up on Monday. They seemed like they got down but kept battling Thursday. But I don't think they've totally given up. At least I hope not. DON'T GIVE UP.

2. Did I mention beer?

1. I want at least one more paper to write. We put the book we sell outside games together 41 times a year when it "doesn't matter" and then get to do it just a handful of times when it really does. One more opportunity to sit down and challenge ourselves to make the best paper we can for the playoffs is a cool opportunity I want to do at least one more time this season. That's selfish. But it would also mean the Blues win at least one game this series. Hooray for minor, minor victories.


How about you? Do you want the season to come back to St. Louis on Tuesday? You content to let the season slip away on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Talk about it in the comments.