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Sunday Links: As We Go On...

Hey David... more of this tonight please!  (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Hey David... more of this tonight please! (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)
Getty Images

What's up people of the blues fandom? I have missed you all!

Hartigan is off trying to make it around the world in 80 days so y'all get me!

This afternoon the St. Louis Blues embark on a quest to redeem their honor... much like Prince Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender. Only instead of traipsing across the wild plaines of the 4 Nations in the hopes of capturing some bald kid with an arrow tattooed on his forehead, The boys in blue are after the Avatar of all hockey, Lord Stanley's cup. How this will end today is anyone's guess. One thing is for certain I want to see each and every blues player prove to me that they still have the hearts of firebenders and play with the intensity and heart that we fans have come to expect from them all year.

Now onward to some Linkage brought to you by a future Graduate of Columbia College Chicago!

Blues News:

  • If you haven't heard yet, Colaiacovo/Crombeen Out. Cole/Reaves In. (Blues)
  • Have a little faith my friend... We've still got One game... (Yahoo)
  • Tis a tale of two teams... well DUH! Sometimes I question how they come up with these headlines... (STLToday)
  • Ken "The Cock" Hitchcock says that Drew Doughty is the best in the series... Come on boys its not cool when your own coach is praising the other team... fix this shit! (LATimes)
  • It's game day so harass some Kings fans and drink a beer or two... I gots to graduate before I am allowed to watch... so do this for me. kthx! (Jewels From the Crown)
Hockey News:
  • Puck from Last Night: Washington tied their series with the Rangers 2-2 last night in the only game of the evening.
  • Ovi was a semi bad boy. His hit on Dan Girardi was pretty illegal. So far no suplemental discipline is scheduled, and most likely won't recieve a Shana-Ban. (Bleacher Report)
  • USA! USA! USA! Jack Johnson scored a Overtime goal to beat Team Canada at the World Championship yesterday... You done America Proud kid! (Puck Daddy)
Other News:
  • By the time you read these I will be prepping to walk across the Chicago Theater stage and receive some form of acknowledgement that I didn't Die in college... YAY! (Columbia College Chicago)
  • So Lesson learned... never take your husband with you to see cheetahs... he will stand aside, watch, and film it as you get mauled to death. (Yahoo)
  • We all knew it would happen sooner or later... (Gawker)

Today I bring you some inspirational speeches by small children. If the utter CUTENESS doesn't inspire the St. Louis Blues... I don't know what will...
Well that's it for me... I have to go Graduate now!

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